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ProviderLink - Onboard a New User


This article applies to Security Administrators. This article will describe the process of onboarding new users in IAM and ProviderLink.


Onboarding a new user into ProviderLink is a multi-step process:

  1. Create a user account in IAM (my profile)
  2. First-time login
  3. Complete the user's setup in ProviderLink

1. Create an IAM User Account

There are multiple paths to onboard new users in IAM. Administrators can create a user or they can invite users to register for a user account. Instructions for both options are contained in this article.

Create a User

Onboarding a user through the Create User feature enables the administrator to define the user's profile information and select the service packages, vendor codes, and roles that the user will have access to, along with the user ID and password. The user will be prompted to reset the password and choose security questions and answer on the first login. Note: some service packages can be configured by customers to only be available if the user goes through the request workflow. Such service packages cannot be assigned to the user by the administrators, the user will need to request them using the service package request workflow.

From the Home Screen:

  1. Click the Create user tile
  2. Enter the user's login and personal details, click the Next button
  3. Review the user details, click the Submit button
  4. Select the package that should be assigned to the user, click the Assign button (note: only one parent package can be assigned at a time)
  5. Review the package details, click the Assign button
  6. When all desired packages are assigned, click the X or Cancel button the end the workflow
  7. Communicate the user ID and password to the new user verbally

The user will then be able to log in, reset the password and choose a security question and answer.

Invite Users to Self-Register

Onboarding a user by invitation allows the user to self-define the user ID and password, as well as to choose the security question and answer during the onboarding workflow.

From the Home Screen:

  1. Click the Invite user tile
  2. Select the User button
  3. Enter the user's email address in the Recipient's email box. Note: multiple emails can be entered to invite multiple users to onboard. Email addresses will need to be separated by a semicolon
  4. Select the division the user is to onboard into, if the user is not to onboard in the top-level organization
  5. Select the service package(s) the user will need to request

Click the Send invitation button

The user will receive an invitation via email with a link to register for a user account. Once the user has completed the registration and submitted it, the Security Administrator will be notified by email. The administrator will then need to approve the user's registration request from the My Tasks menu.

2. First Time Login

Before the user can be set up in the ProviderLink application, they must first log in to ProviderLink. The user should expect to receive a screen prompting them to contact their administrator for assistance; this indicates that the user has been provisioned successfully in ProviderLink and set up can be completed by the administrator.

3. Complete Setup in ProviderLink

The facility or domain administrator should log in to ProviderLink and complete the setup:

  1. Click the Setup menu option
  2. Click the Users menu option
  3. Search for the user by name, email, or user ID
  4. Click the user's username from the search results
  5. Select the desired user role radio button
  6. Select the desired facility from the list of facilities
  7. Select the desired mailbox from the list of mailboxes
  8. Click the Save button or menu option

User setup is now complete and user is ready to begin using ProviderLink