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Providerlink - New User Registration

Providerlink New User Registration

There are two different methods of creating a user account in Providerlink based on the way the facility has been set up: Covisint Identity Provider Registration and Providerlink Legacy Registration. 

All users in the facility will create accounts using the same method.

Note: the administrator will need to initiate action in order for the user to register.

Covisint Identity Provider

Providerlink customers should use Covisint Identity Provider registration instructions if:
•    The administrator logs in through www.covisint.com or https://sso.healthcare.covisint.com/login.do
•    The administrator's user ID does NOT end in @COMPANYNAME (example: user ID is formatted JANEDOE, not JANEDOE@ACMEHOSPITAL)

Providerlink Legacy Registration

Providerlink users should use the Providerlink Legacy registration instructions if:
•    The administrator logs in through https://login.providerlink.healthcare.covisint.com
•    The administrator's ID ends in @COMPANYNAME (Example: JANEDOE@ACMEHOSPITAL)