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Automotive Exchange - New Organization Registration


This article will guide you through creating a new organization on the Covisint Automotive Exchange (Supplier Portal).


Pre-requisite: if you are requesting a service that requires a supplier code, such as an OEM supplier portal, you will need to have your supplier code prior to beginning the registration process.

1. Navigate to the registration home page and click the begin registration button

2. Click the register new organization button

3. Click the accept administrator role button

4. Enter your Organization's details, filling in all required fields marked with an asterisk. Click continue registration.

5. Enter the CSA's contact details, filling in all required fields marked with an asterisk. Click continue registration.

6. Select a UserID, password and challenge question and answer for the CSA. Click the continue registration button. Note: the password must contain at least 8 characters including 1 letter and 1 number. The challenge question and answer will be used to verify the CSA's identity when resetting the password in the future, so it should not be easily guessed.


7. Select the checkbox next to the desired Service Package. Click the continue button.

8. Enter the company's supplier code then click continue registration. Note: if you do not enter the correct supplier code you will not be able to complete the registration process successfully. 

9. Review the SAO Information. Click the yes, i accept agreement button.

10. Review the company registration details. Enter a registration reason and click the submit registration button.

11. The registration will be reviewed by the customer administrator. Once it has been approved or rejected the CSA will be notified by email.

12. If the CSA wishes to add additional users s/he may do so using the Add a User feature in the Administration Tools.

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