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Administration Tools -Adding a Service Package or Sub-package to a User


This article will guide a Security Administrator through granting access to a service package (portal) or sub-package (application) to a user.


Pre-requisite: the user must already have a Covisint user ID and password. If the user does not already have a Covisint account, the administrator can create one for him or her.

Add a Service Package to a User

  1. Go to the Administration Tools
  2. Hover over My Organization and click on View My Organization Users
  3. Click on the user name for the user that needs access to a service package or subpackage
  4. Click the Add Service Package link on the user's profile
  5. Check the box next to the service package/ subpackage that needs to be added
  6. Click Add Checked
  7. If prompted, select the site codes that need to be added. Note:not all service package require site codes; you may not be prompted to complete this step
  8. Agree to the printer-friendly agreement. Note: not all service package require terms and conditions; you may not be prompted to complete this step
  9. Follow the prompts to complete the process. If you added more than one service package you may be prompted to add go through the steps multiple times. When finished, there should be a message stating that the service package was granted successfully
  10. Click Add Another Service Package if necessary, if not the package was added and the user should be able to access the application

Add A Sub-package (application) to a User

  1. Navigate to Administration Tools
  2. Navigate to the user's profile page using the Search for User feature
  3. Click on the Add Service Package link on the user's profile
  4. Click the add subpackage link under the portal service the sub-package/application is linked to
  5. Select the desired sub-packages and click the add checked button
  6. Click the continue button after reviewing the package details
  7. If prompted, select the desired supplier codes for the sub-package and click continue Note: not all sub-packages require supplier codes, you may not be prompted to complete this step
  8. Click submit to complete the request

Note: if multiple sub-packages are being added you will be prompted to repeat these steps for each sub-package



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