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Adient Automotive Experience - EPPAP Onboarding


Many Adient suppliers will require access to the E-PPAP application. The steps below are required to gain access to E-PPAP.


In order to access E-PPAP you will need to have access to the E-PPAP sub package of the Adient Automotive Experience. 

To check your access, navigate to the administration tools and click on the MY PROFILE menu, then select the View My Service Packages sub menu. Click the + next to Adient Automotive Experience. If you don't see EPPAP listed, you will need to have your administrator add access to your account.


  • Once an individual has been granted access to a service package for E-PPAP it will take 2 business days for the approval to be implemented in our internal systems.
  • Please review all training documentation for the application you have been granted access to. This documentation can be found by selecting the "DETAILS" section of the applications tab. https://adient.portal.covisint.com/web/portal/applications
  • Please always consider using Chrome Browser for E-PPAP and keep in mind that only e-mail contact set up is to be used, all new e-mail addresses will have to go through the registration steps