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Active Access Training


This page contains links to Active Access training information such as live webinars, recorded training videos, and FAQs



Live Training Webinar for Security Administrators

Live sessions were held on June 24 and 26. A session has been recorded and made available below. Note that the live session contains the same content as the recorded Security Administrator Active Access Training Seminar and Active Access First Login for Migrated Users videos that are also linked on this page.

Watch the recording of the live training session for Security Administrators.

Training Videos

The OpenText team has created training videos to prepare you for migration to Active Access on July 7, 2024.

Name Audience  Language   Length
Security Administrator Active Access Training Seminar Users with the Security Administrator role








 24 min
Active Access First Login for Migrated Users All users migrating from the Covisint Supplier Portal to OpenText Active Access






Chinese (Mandarin)


 11 min




What is different about Active Access?

Active Access is an entirely new portal and user administration platform. The portal features a modernized look and feel. The IAM Admin Console is an entirely- new identity management system with new navigation and capabilities.

Are all Customer Portals moving to Active Access?

Yes and no. The administration tools, login page, and the Automotive Exchange portal page experience are migrating to Active Access for all Covisint portal customers - except Polaris. Polaris Supplier Portal will remain on the existing classic platform.

Will I need to re-onboard to Active Access? Can I keep my user ID and password?

Your account- including your user ID and password- will be migrated to Active Access. After July 7th you will login to the Active Access system using your Supplier Portal user ID and password. If your password doesn't meet the Active Access password requirements you will be prompted to update it.

What if I forgot my Supplier Portal password and can't log in to Active Access on July 7th?

Your administrator, or the OpenText helpdesk, can reset your password.

When will Administrators be able to log in to Active Access?

Administrators should plan to log in at the beginning of the business day on July 8.

Is the OpenText Support team staffed to support user migration and password resets?

Watch the First Login for Migrated Users video linked on this page, this video will explain the login procedure and what to expect. If things don't go as expected, the first line of support should be your Security Administrator. Your Security Administrator can reset your Supplier Portal or Active Access password and provide support. If your Security Administrator needs support he or she can reach out to the OpenText Support Team by online chat, ticket, or phone. We do expect to be very busy during the first days and weeks after go-live so you may experience longer-than-normal wait times to speak with an agent.

Are the videos linked on this page the same as the live training? Can I choose one or the other, or should I plan to watch/attend both?

Users should plan to watch the First Login for Migrated Users video. Live webinars are intended for users with the Security Administrator role. The recorded Security Administrator training sessions and the live webinars will contain the same content. The live sessions will be presented in English only, and during the US business day, while recorded sessions have been translated into supported languages. Please choose whichever format is most convenient for you.