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Active Access IAM - Manage Organization - Reactivating a User's Suspended Service Package


This article applies to users with the Security Administrator role.

Some customers use inactivity timers to suspend a user's access to a particular service if the user does not access that service within a prescribed period. When the user has not logged in and used the service package access for longer than the specified amount of time, the user's service package access will be suspended.

This article will describe the steps to reactivate the user's service package.


1. Login to IAM Admin Console

2. Navigate to the user's profile by using the search, or by finding the user on the Users submenu under Manage Organization.

3. Click on the user's Service packages tab, then click on the package to be unsuspended.

4. Click the status slider to move it from Suspended to Active

5. Enter the reactivation reason in the pop-up box. The reactivation reason will be logged in the user's grant history. Click the Activate button.

6. The user's package is now reactivated and the user will be able to use the service.