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How to Change your Organization's Security Administrator


Your organization needs to change its Covisint security administrator. The individual currently listed as the company administrator may have left the company or moved to a position that does not require Covisint. Or the person currently listed as administrator may never have wanted the title in the first place.


  1. Is the old security administrator still with your company?
    • Yes: The old administrator must make the change.
    • No: Proceed to step 2.
  2. Is there another security administrator listed in your Organization's profile that is still employed by the company?
    • Yes: The other security administrator must make the change.
    • No: Proceed to step 3.
  3. Is your organization a "top level organization"? (Check your organization's View Hierarchy tab).
    • No: Refer to your top level organization's security administrator. The top-level administrator must make the change.
    • Yes: Proceed to step 4.
  4. Is the user who is requesting administrator rights registered with a Covisint user ID in the same organization as the former administrator? (It's OK if the user's registration is pending)



  • You must fill out all required fields on the SA Change Request form.
  • You must have an executive sign the form; Covisint will not accept the form if it is not signed by the new administrator's director/VP or Executive Officer.

The form can be downloaded using the link: Administrator Change Form

The forms can be submitted by emailing support@covisint.com.

***If you cannot fax to a toll free number and cannot scan the document, please contact us via phone or chat.

***Covisint processes CSA Change Forms within 48 hours of submission. If your CSA Change Form submission has not been processed in 48 hours please contact us.


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